Fable of the Wings

Fable of the Wings was Keith’s 2nd album
The photos on the cover where taken at Magic Muscle’s squat in the Cotham area of Bristol.

Keith Christmas, vocals, guitar;
Keith Tippett, piano;
Pat Donaldson, Mike Evans, bass guitar;
Gerry Conway, Roger Powell, drums;
Ian Whiteman, piano, electric piano, organ, mellotron;
Bob Stewart, autoharp;
Shelagh McDonald, vocals

Produced by Sandy Roberton
Engineered by Roger Quested and Vic Gamm

Waiting for the Wind to Rise (5.25)
The Fawn (5.00)
Lorri (8.25)

Kent Lullaby (3.45)
Hamlin (6.13)
Fable of the Wings (4.22)
Bednotch (3.17)